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Hunting In Manitoba

Manitoba is home to world-class hunting - its vast landscape is home to millions of waterfowl and game birds, and seven big game and predator species. Hunting in Manitoba is an important part of our management of wildlife and provides substantial economic benefits to Manitoba's rural economy.

Pursue your passion. From big game to waterfowl, we have it all!

Master Hunter Program

Your Own Official Record

The Master Hunter Award Program celebrates the experience of hunting, while recognizing and rewarding successful hunts throughout one’s lifetime of hunting in Manitoba.

All hunters harvesting animals in Manitoba, including Manitobans, Canadians from other provinces, or international hunters would be eligible to apply for awards at various levels and categories.

Unlike other hunting award programs, the Manitoba Master Hunter Program is not based on a size or scoring basis.

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The criteria for entering a Master Hunter qualifying harvest are:
  1. Registered species must be harvested in Manitoba in accordance with provincial hunting regulations and during scheduled hunting seasons.
  2. Hunters must submit an "in the field" photo of their harvest for all applications. A second photo of the harvest must include proof of a current Manitoba hunting license or equivalent.
  3. Please note that photos must be taken without the presence of blood and must capture a respectful and quality presentation of your harvest. All photos provided will become the property of Travel Manitoba and may be used for publishing on the web site, social media sites, or promotional print materials.
  4. Qualifying species applications must be submitted online via the website.
  5. Travel Manitoba will be the sole and final judge as to the acceptance of entries, and reserves the right to request additional information and requirements as may be deemed necessary in the best interest of the program.
  6. There are no timelines associated with achieving Master Hunter Awards. However, awards will not be given for species harvested prior to the 2016 fall hunting season, and submissions must be received within one year of the harvest to be eligible.

Make it a practice to keep a camera ready for all the harvests that come your way.

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