Keevin Erickson

Manitoba | ID 2019-00002
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BowGHA 25A September 05, 2019

There is nothing like hearing an elk bugle in the wild. For me that is where my addiction for these animals began! A few years back I was lucky enough to harvest my first bull elk, fast forward to this year and I was bound and determined to do it again! After a hunting hard for the first week and a half it all came together with this beautiful spiker! After having numerous big bulls screaming around us, I couldn't pass a 20 yard shot on the beauty! Needless to say my freezer is now full!


Recent Activity

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Justin Crawford
September 28, 2019

Wild Turkey

Harvested on April 27, 2019 in GBHZ 4 using a Shotgun

Got my first turkey in a few years, and my good busy Keevin's first ever turkey.

Marcel Laferriere
March 27, 2019

White-tailed Deer

Harvested on November 22, 2018 in GHA 35 using a Rifle

My 2018 whitetail deer season came to an end early for me, as I tagged out on my first day of hunting. Without any time to scout this year, I hunted an area I grew up in, and set up my blind in a spot I knew there was deer activity in the past. The luck was on my side when this beautiful Manitoba buck walked out at 180 yards and stood still for me.